This proposal is part of the innovative treatment of sewage sludge systems, with the aim to reduce the overall volume of material.

Our system aims to improve the tecniques of treatment and final management of sludge which represent the most critical of the treatment plants both for the very high cost, due in particular from the final disposal or recovery off-site and for the difficulty of having availability of suitable sites.

In particular, the proposed system aims to reduce drastically the volume of sludge produced from the installation of sludge treatment through the use of thermal hydrolysis to be inserted in the sludge and gasification cycle for energy recovery and the self-sufficiency of the plant treatment.

2011-2012 Sewage Treatment Plants

Preliminary design and detailed design of the restructuring of the sewage treatment pant in Bari-West and of the CHP system fueled by syngas.

In particular, the expected benefits are:

a reduction of the volumes of material to dispose;
savings in the consumption of fossil fuels thanks to the use of biogas and syngas produced from the mud to replace traditional fuels and with a better performance;
the increase in overall energy efficiency of the plant and reduce consumption of fossil fuels resulting in the reduction of CO2 emission into the atmosphere.