ICMEA operates in the sector of industrial innovation, supporting customers to develop smart solutions to improve their products and processes. Since 2006, ICMEA designs and manufactures bespoke products in the sectors of environment, energy, chemical industry and mechatronic systems. ICMEA also provides R&D services including feasibility studies, industrial research studies, test rigs and prototype design, manufacturing, testing and funding scouting.

ICMEA‘s key person is its founder and current director Claudio Amorese who transferred his expertise and skills to the team that he coordinates.

ICMEA‘s technical division is composed of mechanical, electrical and process designers. Design activity is supported by advanced CAD, CAE, electrical and automation design softwares.
ICMEA‘s main base is in Italy, other bases are in the United Kindom and in Romania.

ICMEA‘s main objective is to achieve full client satisfaction, adapting its products and services to the client’s needs. Constant contact with clients combined with short delivery time, high quality materials and attention to detail characterises our products and services.

We are proud to be a supplier to large international companies, public bodies and several smart and innovative SMEs.

Since 18th of August 2017 ICMEA has been included in the italian Chamber of Commerce list of Innovative SMEs.

It is the natural consequence of ICMEA‘s core business that is design and construction of prototypes, pilot plants, public and private body’s R&D support prototipi, and participation to public funded projects where we are often coordinator.

Other than direct advantages the Innovative SME status allows private investors to benefit from fiscali incentives for acquiring Innovative SMEs shares.

Further information are in the summary sheet from the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development.