The ICMEA Gas Cleaning products are customizable, according to the needs of customers. Everithing made take care of type of gases to be dealt with, polluting substances, benchmarks. The gases flow rates that our systems can treat goes from few cubic metres/hour to tens thousands cubic metres/hour.

Scrubber systems are a diverse group of air pollution control that can be used to remove some particulates or gases from industrial exhaust streams. This kind of systems are an excellent alternative to traditional models (dry, absorber, etc.), usually used in medium and large industries. The use of scrubbers are increasingly in modern industry, especially in situations where it is necessary to implement systems for gases purification from particles (dust, mists and fumes). Venturi Scrubbers

Scrubber operating principle consists in channeling the flow into a chamber, within which is generated a connection between the gas to be treated and the cleaning fluid gas (water, water+bicarbonate, diesel fuel, kerosene, etc.). As a result you get a pollutans transfer from the air to the cleaning fluid gas, up to break down the concentration within the desired limits.

ICMEA can make two kind of models:

Venturi scrubber;
Washing tower.
There is also the option to use both types combined, so as to increase performance exponentially.

Cyclone systems remove particulates from gas or air without the uses of filters, through vortex separation. It is an element that can be used in preliminary abatement of polluting elements in gases.

Cyclone is a very simple system of filtration of solid particles from gas emissions. It is cheaper than other systems with the same performance.