Smartlights is an urban model that makes good use of technology to reduce energy consumption and improve environmental quality, which is a key aspect of a smart city.  The project implements a HW-SW experimental intelligent lighting system in the Gramsci square in Capurso (Italy). The system minimize energy consumption, reduce and simplify the maintenance, eliminate over-illumination and thus light pollution.


The lighting sources are based on the LED technology, which allow to reduce the power installed, the maintenance cost and increase the life time compared to traditional lamps. Three presence sensors and three brightenss sensors give the signal to control the lighting intensity. The level of brightness is adjusted to obtain the value, which maximize the user wellness, regardless of external conditions, as the state of the soil and the deterioration of cleaning lamps or lighting equipment. The presence sensor allows you to divide the square into zones and then handle the single light point, so as to distribute the luminous flux where actually necessary.

The adaptative control system is essentially based on:

  • sensor analysis system, which carries out real-time processing of sensor responses to produce the performance indices where the lighting elements are installed;
  • control system, which set, for each lamp, the power required to according to the presence of people, hour of the day, meteorological conditions and self-diagnosis test. User interactions is also possible.


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Intervento cofinanziato dall’U.E. – P.O. FESR Regione Puglia 2007-2013 – Asse I – Linea di Intervento 1.4. – Azione 1.4.2 Bando Living Labs Smart Puglia 2020 – Supporto alla crescita e sviluppo di PMI specializzate nell’offerta di contenuti e servizi digitali – Investiamo nel vostro futuro – Progetto SMARTLIGHTS – “Smart Lighting System” codice progetto LL3UUM3


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