As part of R&D support, ICMEA has designed and produced, in collaboration with Politecnico di Bari, an experimental combustion plant operating under MILD.


The experimental burner is powered by diluted with combustion fumes air from 200kw auxiliary burner powered with natural gas. In order to ensure the better operating conditions both under traditional combustion and in case of MILD combustion, the system of oxidising dilution can control:

  • percentage oxygen (within the rage 8 – 16%v)
  • excess air;
  • oxidising temperature input.

The experimental burner is fueled by oxidizing, through variable airbox, within which pressure is measured upstream of the burner and the temperature of the comburent.

IMG-20150918-WA0009(mod)For combustion trigger in experimental oven, shall be used a spark igniter connected to an high-energy waterlight power supply. Temperature shall be measured by three thermocouple along burner axis. Static pressure is measured in the combustion chamber. In the cases of lack of flames, is inserted a detecting device that stop the plant.

Inside the combustion chamber is inserted a cooled probe for sampling of fumes, that will be analysed.

The flue gas quenching is obtained by properly designed and realized water attemperator. The fumes are then conveyed to the chimney.



Experimental circuit with piping

A new circuit wich constitutes test apparatus has been designed, provided and installed.

All components are equipped with accesses for the process control instrumentation. The plant type is balanced damper and it’s composed by two ventilator with regulation system, flow meters and regulator valves.


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