ICMEA provides engineering services to a large number of customers from all over the world. Our expert team of engineers and technicians have earned the reputation for professionalism and competence. They are able to advise the customers and support them to find the best solutions.


ICMEA offers a full range of customized Hardware engineering and Hardware design.  We understand the changing of customers needs and we develop and deliver innovative fully customized products.


Our services include 3D design, which is the base of all the engineering projects. CAD services ensure an high accuracy in order to discover design flaws before production. Our solutions make sure that customer can see an accurate 3D model to visualize the product and understand engineering details.


Finite Element Method (FEM)

ICMEA offers a wide range of numerical simulations and can handle problems for different kind of industries. Finite Element Method, FEM, provides extremely precise results during the study of endurance, performance, manufacturability and feasibility before its implementation. Finite Element Method is probably the most important tool added to the mechanical design engineer’s toolkit this century. The growing use of FEM has been made possible by the creation of computation engines that are capable of handling the immense volume of calculations necessary to prepare and carry out an analysis and easily display the results for interpretation. FEM can improve the quality of your end product by increasing safety and product longevity while uncovering design flaws that can result in downtime or accidents. It is the perfect adjunct to research and prototyping to ensure product efficiency and performance.

                                                  Torre SCR parte inferiore_Deformazioni

A FEM analysis, allows you to:

  • Reduce prototype construction costs;
  • Find the root cause of damages;
  • Ensure the operability of systems and components;
  • Identify weak points early and minimize risk.



Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD)

ICMEA incorporate Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis into design process, making aggressive product performance requirements. ICMEA’s CFD services help teams to identify problems before market introduction through uncovering insight and highlighting opportunities for design optimization, thereby reducing risks and avoiding costly warranty problems.

Process Design

The process design consists in a series of steps that the engineering team uses to develop a new product or system. It is a procedure that starts from the question about what the customer wants to create and proceeds through a series of meeting aimed at researching the best available technology, or at developing a new one if necessary.


ICMEA can help you into the hard work of process design, with a series of engineer brainstorm ideas. You can work with a professional team to develop as many solutions as possible. The final deliverable include process schemes and detailed P&Ids.


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